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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Expedition Yachts

Please see below the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Expedition Yachts insurance and about Explorer Yachts.

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Question: What is an Expedition Yacht?
Answer: An Expedition Yacht or also known as an Explorer Yacht, is a yacht built for long range cruising, self sufficiency, safety and comfort. An Expedition Yacht usually has a deep draft and wider beam allowing for large fuel tanks, water tanks and other storage to remain at sea or at a destination longer than most yachts.

Expedition Yacht Under Way An Expedition Yacht has commercial marine mechanical equipment in redundant configurations installed for easy maintenance enabling the yacht to go further with less ship yard maintenance needed.

Expedition Yachts should have experienced crews to handle and maintain the vessel independent of outside contractors while cruising. The yachts have ample water making facilities, food storage and commercial grade galleys for food preparation.

Expedition Yachts are strong in construction and designed to handle heavy weather for safety and comfort.

These vessels are built to go longer and further than a coast-wise cruising yacht.

Question: Why an Expedition Yacht?
Answer: An Expedition Yacht is the means to go where other yachts cannot go and be able to stay longer. These yachts are built to withstand ice conditions as well as extended time in the tropics. To visit either of the poles a special vessel is required. To visit the far flung islands of the Pacific, a special vessel is required.

Question: Does an Expedition Yacht require special insurance?
Answer: An Expedition Yacht requires insurance in the same amounts of coverage as does another yacht but has special requirements for the areas the vessel will be transiting as trans ocean coverage and the vessel's cruising grounds must be included in converage. Also, Explorer Yachts carry "toys" such as larger tenders, helicopters, submarines and other specialty gear that must be covered.

Question: Why W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance, Inc. for Expedition Yachts?
Answer: W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance, Inc. has over 40 years experience as a marine insurance agency. W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance is experienced in coverage for vessels transiting all oceans and cruising areas. W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance only insures yachts; not cars, planes, trains or houses- just yachts.

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